Are you a dreamer?

Do you have a desire to do something great with your life?

Do you have unique talents and gifts that you long to share with others?

If so, then take your hand right now, tap yourself on the shoulder,
and shout
"Tag! I’M IT!"

That's right! You're it!

You are responsible for making those dreams happen.

No one else is going to do it for you.

Not your boss, your co-worker, wife, husband, father, pastor, or friend.

You and you alone are responsible for making your
God-given dreams a reality.

Too many of us surrender our dreams to others, chance, or the direction
of a passing wind. For some reason, we are trained to think that
dreams just somehow happen or that they can only happen if someone
takes us under their wing and guides us on to our ultimate destiny.

Yet, the bible itself is power-packed with verses that tell us that we
indeed have the power and the ability to do our dreams. It holds us
completely accountable for what we have been given and it reassures
us that God himself is enough. He will accomplish his dream in us if we
just believe.

Self-help and success books are constantly prodding us to believe this
truth.    Titles like "Take Control of Your Life!,” “If It's Going to Be, It's Up
to Me!" and "The Power of Believing" are just a few of the wonderful
books on the market that support us in making our dreams a reality.

Nothing is going to happen if we do not take the
initiative to make it happen.

Here are 3 keys you can apply today
to make your own personal dreams a reality.

1) Stop whining and start working!
If you find yourself whining about the fact that your dreams are just not
happening or that no one is taking you under their wing and guiding you
to success - stop it! Remember, the cure for emotion is in the word
itself. Drop the "E" and you find the answer - "motion." Motion, is always
the key to dealing with emotion.

2) Believe and receive!
Start believing that you are capable of making your dreams a reality.
If you feel small and weak, don't worry. Your belief should not lie in your
own strength but in God's power working in you. As you believe, you will
receive direction, guidance, peace and ultimately the realization of your

3) Be dynamic and different!
Realize that making a decision to do your dreams automatically puts
you in a minority. Like it or not, you are different! Most people live a
"settle for" life but you have chosen excellence. Therefore, you can
expect to receive some flak. Being dynamic in your attitude and vision
helps you rise above the norm. It is the key to keeping you "up" in a
"down" world.

So take control of your life and dreams today and you will be well on
your way to making all of your most passionate dreams real!

By: Barb Elyett

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Barb Elyett is a Contemporary Christian Singer/Songwriter and
Speaker. Barb believes that the secret to success is no secret at all -
it's been written down for 2000 years! Her mission is to dust off these
life-changing truths and present them in a way that is down-to-earth,
practical, musical!, and totally applicable to modern life.
March 2007

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